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At Star Robbins & Company, we're more than just an enrollment firm. We strive to offer a full package of efficient services that focus on taking stress off of HR. When it comes to employee benefits, our team has experience dealing with every aspect, from working with carriers on your behalf, to answering daily calls from your employees, to accurately auditing employee coverage and personal data.

Customer Service

Our enthusiastic customer service team will be eager to help your employees regarding their benefits and enrollment. We promise that you will always talk to a human.


We know how troublesome it can be filing insurance claims. That's why we offer a trained staff to assist you and your employees throughout every step of the process.


Trying to manage multiple carriers with separate billing can put a serious strain on your staff. Our easy one-source billing solution consolidates all carrier bills into one.


With a few clicks, you can run reports over any date range and produce data in multiple output formats. We also offer custom reporting and recurring reports, delivered by email.


The accuracy of coverage and employee data is our top priority. We offer several audit services, in a variety of depths, performed by real people.


Our team can help make your employees aware of their benefit offerings with marketing materials such as fliers, brochures, and digital content.


Many incoming phone calls to our office are regarding general questions about benefit plans, enrollment, and processes. We're always happy to help.


We provide employee satisfaction surveys with the revolving goal of constant improvement. We listen to, and love to hear, your feedback.

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