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Software that streamlines employee benefit enrollment and administration



We provide a cloud-based multi-use benefits platform for employers and their HR staff to manage employee benefits, Our easy-to-use self-service portal allows each employee to access to review their benefits, make changes, and view forms and documents.  Backed by a dedicated team of experts, our staff is here to support you every step of the way.


Our administrative portal also allows authorized personnel full control over employee enrollments. From initiating and completing enrollments, to running reports, processing life events, terminations and managing COBRA, our system streamlines your administration tasks.


Benefits are used both for recruiting and employee retention, which makes it more important than ever to convey value through a seamless and educational enrollment experience. Our portal allows you to simultaneously educate employees and present your offering in a unique and impactful way.


With a few clicks, you can run custom reports over any date range and produce data in multiple output formats.


Our customizable, easy to use enrollment software accommodates self-service and agent-assisted enrollments. Employees can enroll in core and voluntary benefits, review current benefits and access forms and other benefit documents.


SRC provides a single system of record for all employee benefit enrollment, administration and billing. Our easy to use billing and reporting tool helps simplify and cut down the billing reconciliation process.


Our combination of hardware and software-based security, plus proven security practices protects client data against loss, corruption or unauthorized access.


Our technology has the ability to virtually integrate with any insurance carrier, payroll provider or third-party vendor. The system supports a variety of data reports, manual or scheduled data delivery to carriers and payroll systems that are secure and HIPPA compliant.


Impress your new hires with the ease and simplicity of our enrollment technology. All new employees will be provided access to a personal portal where they can enroll online, make changes, access forms and documents and review benefits at any time.


With SRC, you have the most cohesive method to manage data year-over year, effectively audit information and successfully stay in compliance with your employee benefits program.

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