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  • Setting up Enrollment Confirmation Emails
    Problem: I want to send a confirmation email after an employee completes enrollment. How do I do this? Solution: Create an email confirmation report (i.e., and Email Confirmation Report), and set it up as an “Allowable Session Task” so that it sends after enrollment is complete. An employee must have an email address saved in the BenSelect system for the report to be sent to the employee. To create an Email Confirmation Report: Log into BenSelect and go to your case. On the Case Setup menu, select Case Info. Click the Session Tasks tab. Click the + icon. In the Report plug-in drop-down list, select Global Enrollment Confirmation Email Report. This report is set up with text bank items pre-filled. Click Save. Note: You do NOT need to set up a Delivery plug-in; the report is automatically sent to the email address associated with the employee record. You can test this by enrolling a test employee, ensuring an email address is saved with the employee record. You can also create your own customized email confirmation report, if you want.
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